Testing & Inspection Services

For over 25 years Harvard NDE has been providing cost-effective Inspecting and Testing Services to the Power Boiler Industry throughout the United States. Harvard’s staff is experienced in the assessment of corrosion and abrasion of steel in superheaters, economizers as well as deaerators.

Harvard NDE utilizes formal written practices & procedures, trained personnel, and formal reporting. The procedures apply a combination of industry best practices and guidance from ASME, ASTM for the conduct of NDE testing. The personnel is trained and certified in accordance with the American Society of Nondestructive Testing’s recommended practice for the Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing personnel (ASNT-TC-1A). Reporting forms are required to be provided for each examination by the inspection procedures. The report forms provide the specific detail in regards to the location of the inspection (customer, plant, unit, component, and area tested) and a description of the results (number, type, location, and size of indications also pictures and sketches may be included).

Ultrasonic Testing (UTT)
Harvard NDE utilizes ultrasonic testing to look at the wall thickness for thinning due to erosion/corrosion that could weaken or potentially fail in the future. This non-invasive technique provides safe and immediate results for on-the-spot decisions.

Shearwave & Phased Array Testing

Shearwave & Phased Array, Shearwave, & TOFD Testing
Harvard NDE offers both Phased Array & Shearwave Testing, as well as TOFD Testing to our clients as an additional assessment tool.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)
An excellent choice for detecting cracks that may not be visible to the eye and providing a visual reference for repairs to ensure that your pressure vessel is performing up to safety standards.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT)
A method used to check for surface breaking and fatique cracks in metals.

Visual Inspection (VT)
With Harvard NDE’s trained and experienced inspectors, Visual Inspections can be one of the most effective methods for detecting imperfections or metal fatigue, corrosion, or abrasion.

IRIS Testing

IRIS Testing
Harvard NDE utilizes IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System) Testing to provide an accurate and 3-dimension report of the thickness of your boiler tubes or piping.

Field Services
Harvard NDE’s field services include Ultrasonic Testing (UTT), Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT), Liquid Penetrant Inspection (PT), Visual Inspection (VT), IRIS Testing, and reporting. Our experienced inspectors and technicians will provide you with an accurate assessment of the health of your boiler, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, or tubes and piping.

All Harvard NDE reports provide a clear and concise summary of the inspection results which can include photos, profile, maps or similar customer-specific information necessary to evaluate the results.

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC)
Harvard NDE will assess your quality management systems assessing both the new and the working components to make sure they are void of flaws and structural weaknesses that may affect the function and safety of your system. These proactive and reactive approaches are executed by testing, auditing, and assessing your system, processes, and procedures so that qualified recommendations can be made for repair or scheduled monitoring.

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